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ANI and Encryption News Brief Vol 2

Posted on August 16, 2010 in Company Newsletter

NEW P25 Desktop Display Decoder at IWCE 2010

Be sure to visit us at IWCE booth 4056 where we'll be introducing the newest addition to our product line, the APCO P25 Desktop Display Decoder.

The P25 Desktop Display Decoder is based on our reliable and proven C Plus series. It can display the Unit ID, Talk Group ID, Network ID, Emergencies and Priorities.

Options will include Dual Format decoder to add MDC-1200 for legacy system integration and Alias to apply meaningful alpha tags to the various ID's received.

See you at IWCE in Las Vegas!

New features added to the QS-4200 and VQS-420 encryption boards

Due to popular demand, the VQS-420 encryption/MDC-1200 board has been upgraded to include the following:

  • HOP PTT - HOP PTT works similar to a simple inversion scrambler but the inversion frequency changes with every PTT. This is an affordable, extra level of security for those companies or agencies who cannot make the jump to the Fast Frequency Hopping VQS-500
  • Fixed Setup - Fixed setup is a form of automatic encryption detection. With Fixed Setup, the receiving radio will automatically detect if the transmission is encrypted. The received audio will automatically be decoded.

Of course the VQS-420 still comes with:

  • Normal Simple Inversion Scrambling
  • MDC-1200 Encode and Decode
  • GE-Star Encode and Decode

Irv Fisher with Mobile Communications in Pennsylvania recently took advantage of these new features for his customer. Irv has used the higher-level VQS-500's for a local police department so he was already familiar with the advantages and features.

Here's what he had to say:
"The customer needed MDC-1200 ANI and encryption. Being able to offer a higher level encryption than normal was a real PLUS. And they are completely plug-in. Nice!"




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