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ANI and Encryption News Brief Vol 4

Posted on August 31, 2010 in Company Newsletter

So you have the P25 radios, but you're concerned about the cost of upgrading the consoles?

Now you can migrate to P25 at your own pace by adding the C25 II decoder to your dispatch center. It's priced at just $1,665, which is less than a single P25 portable radio. The C25 decoder lets you enjoy the benefits of P25 without having to upgrade the console. Call today for complete details.

The C25 II will decode and display P25 Unit ID's EASILY, RELIABLY and AFFORDABLY.

Display in HEX, DECIMAL or Optionally with an Alpha Tag.

If needed, the C25 II can also be programmed to show Talk Group ID and NAC. Each will display for two seconds.

Serial outputs also available for record keeping (computer or printer).

Keep in mind, the C25 comes with Dual Format Enabled! Decode P25 + MDC-1200, or P25 + Fleetsync!

For additional information, contact our Manufacturer's Rep in your area:

Click here to find a rep in your area.




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