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ANI and Encryption Newsbrief Vol 6

Posted on October 5, 2010 in Company Newsletter

Don't have the budget for a new $30K P25-Capable Service Monitor?

We can help (for less than 10% of that cost). Need to support & service P25 transceivers? Here's an affordable alternative to buying a new P25 capable service monitor

The C25 Display Decoder connects to your EXISTING non-P25 service monitor using the DEMOD output. This DEMOD (unfiltered discriminator) audio feeds directly to the C25 input to show, on the easy to read large display:

  • Source ID
  • Talkgroup
  • NAC
  • Status Bit (Direct/Repeat)
  • As well as Date & Time stamp

As you may already have realized, the repairs on P25 radios is very similar to normal analog radios:

  • Broken antenna connector,
  • blown RF Amp,
  • Blown Speaker, etc.

These are not P25 specific repairs. These are normal repairs you have come to expect on heavy use portables and mobiles. Only now, after the repair has been completed an over-the-air check is normal, but you have no way to test the radio to make sure it's sending the correct data. Our easy to read C25 III will show you the transmitted data directly on the display. Not a small, hard to read service monitor display but a large easy to read display.

You can also use the C25 II Display Decoder.

The display is the same size as the top display on the C25 III. For the C25 II, the different values decoded will be displayed for 2 seconds each.

Add a compact serial printer to get a printout of every data captured.

Serial printer out is standard on all C25 decoders.




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