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ANI and Encryption Newsbrief Vol 7

Posted on December 3, 2010 in Company Newsletter

Cimarron Technologies Voice Encryption

Cimarron Technologies has several options to secure your voice channels even on a tight budget!

Consider these facts:

  • Radio traffic in the clear encourages security leaks
  • Trunked radio systems are NOT secure!
  • The iPhone App to listen to LIVE public safety is FREE
  • Most off the shelf scanners (portables and mobiles) now scan and track; EDACS, MOTOROLA, E.F. JOHNSON, LTR, etc.
  • You can buy simple inversion descramblers online for $40.00 that hook "right to your scanner's output".




Your voice channel solutions!

Available encryption boards from Cimarron Technologies!

VQS-400 / QS-4000:

  • Programmable inversion scrambling per channel
  • Can easily be programmed by you to match Kenwood, Icom, etc... (Any frequency between 2.1 kHz through 4.1 kHz)
  • Low cost
  • Use primarily when you Must interface to existing systems
  • Should be used as a stepping stone to higher security encryption.

VQS-420 / QS-4200: (Schools, Business, Taxi/Tow, City Agencies)

  • Enhanced Inversion scrambling, HOP PTT
  • HOP PTT changes the inversion frequency with every PTT
  • Includes Simple Inversion (helps to transition customers from Simple Inversion to a higher level HOP PTT)
  • Includes MDC-1200 Encode and Decode (radio enable/disable/mic monitor/caller ID, Call Alert, etc...)

VQS-500 / VQS-5000 (Public Safety, School / University / Casino Security)

  • Includes all the features of the previous boards.
  • Fast Frequency Hopping changes the inversion frequency anywhere from 1 to 100 times per second!
  • "Software Defined Encryption" means you scale the complexity (easier than it sounds) to fit your system.
  • You set limits for dwell and how far to jump. The specific algorithm is encrypted by a special key (Over 18 Quintillion possible keys)

QS boards are universal wire-in boards designed to operate in almost any portable or mobile.

VQS boards are Vertex Standard direct plug-ins. Fully integrated and recognized by the radio's software and firmware (even the new VX-450, VX-4500 and VX-4600 models!).




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