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ANI and Encryption Newsbrief Vol 9

Posted on May 10, 2011 in Company Newsletter

Cracking the Code: Cimtech Turns 20

Cimarron Technologies (CimTech), a leader in secure voice protection, celebrates 20 years of working with organizations in the public and private sectors to ensure safer interpersonal communications.

Steve Barry started CimTech in 1991. Dissatisfied with corporate life and its constraints, he decided to go out on his own. His passion was electronics and he decided to address a niche he felt was underserved. Steve developed a better, less expensive product than was on the market at the time.

Starting out with nothing but will and wits in the early days brought a backlash from the company they were taking business from. The company was so frustrated with CimTech eating their lunch, so to speak, that they hired a private detective to find out anything they could about Cimarron. Steve relates that "the angered competitor resorted to searching our dumpster at night for information to use against us. However, the discovery that we had chicken salad for lunch apparently did not help them much. That competitor dissolved after Chapter 7 bankruptcy several years later."

It wasn't long before CimTech captured the alphanumerical identification market, and it continues to dominate that niche area today. In retrospect, it's easy to see that part of Cimarron's success is because of its ability to focus on and master one specific market category.

Decoding Success

What's the secret to the company's longevity? According to Steve, it's "hiring the best people and listening closely to customers. Our engineers do what it takes to figure out the solutions to radio challenges we want to solve. They take a mathematical approach to problems." Steve says. "There are no shortcuts to good work, and everyone at CimTech knows this."

What it comes down to is this: CimTech provides its clients with great products, great documentation and great service. Steve points out that "all CimTech products are made in the USA, and all customer support is inhouse, not offshore."

Coding the Next 20 Years

Looking to the future, Steve says the company will continue to adapt and change with the technology. "We're not perfect," he admits, "but I love a challenge and every day our customers push us to reach even higher." All Cimarron products are extremely flexible; no two radio systems are alike, and no two Cimarron solutions are alike. One of CimTech's biggest challenges is bridging the gap between analog and digital technologies. Steve explains that "there are a lot of dividing lines between county and state radio systems. We help agencies bridge those gaps." And it looks like Cimarron Technologies will continue to bridge those gaps for years to come.




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