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Daniels Repeater Channel Steering using the C25 Decoder

Posted on November 8, 2011 in Rich's Blog

Putting the versatile C25 APCO P25 Decoder to work!

The C25 series decoders can be programmed and configured to do much more than just show the Source ID of the transmitting radio. In this case, the Forest Service needed just a little bit more.

In order to cross their analog and digital repeaters systems, they needed the Daniels repeater to change channels based on the received NAC code. The C25 can do this because we decode the received NAC using the discriminator output of the Daniels repeater. For their case, we added a special function to allow the NAC to be referenced to a look-up table and toggle binary outputs based on the NAC. This channel change corresponds to an analog transmitter sending out a particular CTCSS tone.

The Daniels repeater has a 4-bit binary input to control their channel selection. We routed our binary output to change channels based on the received NAC.

The setup (shown below) works reliably and is very cost efficient.


Contact me anytime to find out what other features and functions the C25 decoder is capable of!

~Currently working on a Fire Station paging project (4 separate pages per station with auto-acknowledge for each). Each page triggers it's own individual output !




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