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Do you use Voice Inversion

Posted on March 4, 2011 in Rich's Blog

Do you use Voice Inversion scrambling or encryption?

Many radio manufacturers are
now including Fixed Inversion scrambling in their radios…

Please consider these posts ~

From internet hobby groups:

  • “Voice inversion is not exactly secure. = < website where inversion ‘kits’ can be bought for $40.00 >. Voice Inversion Descramblers are everywhere and Voice Inversion is not the best. Why manufacturers’ thinks it is so great is beyond me.”
  • “For those interested in Voice inversion descramble. I can currently pick up Smithsfall police. A voice inversion descramble program can be downloaded from . Once I find the other tone carrier frequencies for Prockville, Berth and Yananoque I will have them. U can message me about them…”
  • “Does anyone know of any good software to decode voice inversion? “ (Answers posted below)
  • http://www.wpa...htm
  • http://www.scan...html
  • “Also if you have the cash there are two scanners on ebay right now that already have the software built in for descrambling inversion.. one of which is an export only not for US model but on ebay.. everything goes eh?”

Still want to use your fixed inversion system?

An inexpensive ‘step up’ can greatly increase your security.

A slightly higher step can truly secure your communications.

HOP PTT randomly changes the inversion frequency with every PTT. To quote one of the posters above, “Once I find the other tone carrier frequencies…”, all security is lost. Changing the inversion frequency with every PTT negates this type of eavesdropping.

The QS-4200 and VQS-420 are both HOP PTT inversion scramblers.

*Both also include fixed inversion scrambling as well. This is KEY to slowly migrating all users to HOP PTT by allowing the integration of the QS or VQS boards until everyone is switched over. Then a simple re-programming can make the change from fixed inversion to a more secure HOP PTT encryption system.

Fast Frequency Hopping constantly changes the rate and distance of the frequency jumps. Programming allows you to adjust the rate and distance boundaries to tailor the complexity to your system. The actual specific algorithm is protected by a key (with over 18 Quintillion possible combinations…)

The QS-5000 and the VQS-500 deliver the highest level of encryption for your analog voice channels.

Again, these boards include Fixed Inversion and HOP PTT to allow for migration to a more secure communications system.
Please give it serious consideration. Want to download this in PDF format?  Click HERE!

As always, I encourage you to leave comments, questions or suggestions. Thanks for your time !

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