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End of Life for all Transcrypt Products - Ouch!  Don’t let this affect Your Customer’s Security!

Posted on January 13, 2012 in Rich's Blog

Transcrypt has finally bowed out of the scrambler/encryption business.

Cimarron Technologies has not!

At Cimarron, we feel all transmissions should be encrypted.  Cimarron carries plug-in and wire-in versions of all three Encryption Levels:

  • Programmable Fixed Inversion: Entry Level encryption can be programmed to match the inversion frequency of any other manufacturer's fixed inversion encryption. (VQS-400/QS-4000)

  • HOP PTT Inversion: This level of encryption changes the inversion frequency with every Push-To-Talk.  This keeps your inversion point changing and more difficult to track. (VQS-420/QS-4200)

  • Fast Frequency Hopping Encryption: This encryption changes the inversion point (frequency) 10 ~ 100 times per second using a 64-bit crypto key; that's over 18 quintillion keys! (VQS-500/QS-4000)

Cimarron's Secure Voice Products bring high level encryption within reach of all businesses. Software Defined Encryption from Simple Inversion to HOP PTT to FAST HOP means we have the right fit for your particular use. Why use encryption? Click HERE.




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