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Handling Multi-Channel,  Multi-Format ANI

Posted on January 23, 2014 in Rich's Blog

Cimarron also makes 19" Rack mount decoders. The MCI-10 can handle up to 10 radio channels. Each channel is handled by it's own channel card; MCC-C or MCC-C25.
The MCC-C channel card can decode 1, 2 or 3 formats. Available formats are :

MDC-1200, FleetSync, DTMF and GE Star.
The MCC-C25 channel card can decode APCO P25 conv, MDC-1200 and FleetSync.

The MCI Rack comes equipped with it's own power supply sufficient to power all 10 channel cards. Of course, the rack can be ordered with less than 10 cards and can be field upgradable to add additional channel cards.

Each channel card has it's own RS-232 serial output which contains the channel number, decoded ANI as well as date and time stamp (if programmed).

The serial outputs can be sent individually to your console or computer but also can be multiplexed presenting one serial stream with all channels contained within.

Keep in mind that each channel card operates independently from each other so each card can be programmed for it's own format(s). Also, the Translate Option can be added to one or all cards.

The Translate Option takes your incoming FleetSync, DTMF or GE Star ID's and translates (converts) them into true MDC-1200 ANI bursts. This is particularly helpful if your current console only recognizes MDC-1200.

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