Company Overview

Cimarron Technologies was founded in April 1991, as a California Corporation. The company manufactures APCO P25, GE-STAR, MDC-1200 and FleetSync compatible Automatic Numerical Identification (ANI) products. Public safety, state correctional, public municipalities, taxi, towing, and fleet markets use Cimarron's ANI products.  

In addition to ANI products for the field and control station, Cimarron Technologies manufactures voice encryption devices that range from simple inversion scrambling to Fast Frequency Hopping Encryption.  Our high level encryption boards also allow for Over-The-Air re-keying and re-programming.

The products are installed as an after-market upgrade that adds features to two-way radios not available from the original manufacturer. Cimarron has sold in excess of 150,000 encoders and over 5,000 decoder display units. Current markets are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, South America, Middle East and China. Cimarron distributes through mobile radio dealers and sells to end-users.

All Cimarron products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and carry a three year warranty.

The Products

The basic function of the ANI product line is the transmission of mobile radio identification to a Decoder Display unit. Other ANI functions such as Emergency and Man-Down help to enhance a user’s personal safety. Two-way messaging is also available that allows the user to disable a radio, place calls to selected radios, alert a user that a call is waiting and verify that a radio is within range.

Cimarron has supplied the entire NY State DOC, NY State DOT and Washington State Police with encoders and Decoder Display units. Cimarron Technologies is a licensed developer of Motorola MDC-1200 products. Cimarron products feature Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and "state of the art" DSP processing. All products are 100% visually inspected, tested and are fully warranted for 3 years. The company also will do custom design and manufacturing for its ANI products to meet exact specifications.