Uses for ANI

Eliminate Radio System Misuse

Profanity, Cat Calls, Rude Noises, and Jamming occur on radio systems on any frequency, in any language, and in any country. The act occurs only because the perpetrator remains anonymous. The presence of an ANI burst gives the system operator a very good chance at catching the perpetrator. In many cases, the presence of an ANI burst is enough to stop radio mis-use cold.

Increase Radio User Safety

Adding an ANI based Panic Button to a radio is a very useful and often vital feature. There are many situations, which a radio user has only time to quickly press a button to request immediate help. The highly reliable ANI burst will be sent immediately to the dispatcher. Due to the high reliability of the ANI burst, the user needing help will be correctly identified.

Increase Radio Dispatch Efficiency

Dispatchers are often plagued by difficult to understand voice communications. Much air time is wasted in requests to repeat who is talking. Cimarron ANI decoders insure that the caller is always identified even under harsh radio conditions.

Improve Job Safety

Many plants and railroads are requiring workers' radios to be equipped with Emergency and Man-Down capability in case of accident. Workforce reductions result in more men working solo with an ANI equipped 2-way radio as the "buddy".

Taxis and Limos Benefit

Taxis and Limos often use ANI to determine who gets assigned to a particular pick-up. By using ANI in as “first-come-first-serve” tool, pick-ups are assigned on a fair basis.

Time and Date Stamped Communications

Knowing the precise time that a call was sent or received is very important in today's legal world. Many public agencies now require that time and date information be stored indefinitely. All Cimarron decoders output the time and date for every ANI burst. Many managers are finding the time and date data invaluable for determining which drivers are the most efficient.