Why Buy Cimarron?

Toll Free Tech Help

  • Lots of installation notes are available.
  • Our downloadable manuals include schematics.
  • Why not talk to us; after all it’s our dime.

Experienced Staff

  • We have years of real life radio experience to draw upon.
  • Our staff has assisted everyone from ESPN to the USAF.
  • Our installations have ranged from New York City to Antarctica.
  • From the routine to the extremely complicated, we can help you out.

Solid Engineered Products

  • Unlike many of our competitors, Cimarron does not use “reverse engineering” in product development.
  • Products are designed using state-of-the-art signal processing theory.
  • All software and hardware is fully tested before release.
  • Side by side comparison with our competitors’ products clearly demonstrates the value of our engineering expertise.

No Irritating Phone Trees

Great Shipping Deals

  • Free Return Shipping and Handling on all Warranty Service
  • Matched Inbound/Outbound Shipping Is Free
  • If you ship it to us UPS RED, we send it back the same way, no charge!

Environmentally Conscious

  • We use energy efficient power supplies.
  • We manufacture our products with environmentally friendly water based flux and solder.

We are a “Real” company, not a faceless web based operation. Drop by our booth at one of the Trade Shows, and meet us. We would like to meet you too.

Green Power

Non-switching supplies can waste $20 to $50 of what you spend on electricity annually. Nationwide, non-switching power supplies waste more than 58 billion kilowatt-hours yearly, equal to the annual output of 10 large power plants.

Cimarron uses high efficiency switching power supplies for its C Plus products. By using less electricity, these supplies not only save you money but they are also better for the environment. Our "Green Power" supply runs at a 75% efficiency and has input power < 0.75W at no load which meets "European Commission of Energy" 2003 year Phase 2 requirements.

To learn more about this important issue, please visit www.efficientpowersupplies.org and www.energystar.gov.