Why use encryption?


Supervisor: “Come in through Gate 14.”
Delivery: “OK, can you have someone come out and unlock the gate?”
Supervisor: “You can just move the lock. It’s always open”

Really? Who else is listening? You'd be surprised. Consider these real news stories:

  • AP reports on Great Falls Montana, “Besides the marijuana, authorities seized a bulletproof vest, a toy pistol that looked like a real gun and a radio scanner.”
  • From the New Mexico Daily Times, “Police seized an Uzi, AK-47 submachine gun, a .357-caliber Magnum, a 9 mm pistol, a police scanner and extensive ammunition…”
  • From the Alberta Tribune, “charged with two counts of robbery with a firearm, three counts of forcible confinement, disguise with intent, uttering threats and possession of a police scanner.”

Even "innocent" chatter can be used by the wrong people. Consider what innocent chatter goes over your radio network. And if you think that trunked radio systems protect you, consider this typical ad copy, "BCT15X – Mobile scanner. Decodes and follows Motorola, EDACS and LTR systems".

  • Protect your business from theft.
  • Protect your school and students from harm.
  • Secure your police, fire, city county communications.

Cimarron Secure Voice Protection