Introducing the New C25 Series
APCO P25 Desktop Decoders

C25 I Black No Legs
C25 II Black No Legs
C25 III Black No Legs

Decodes APCO P25 and MDC-1200 or Fleetsync™ operating on the same channel.

  • Easy to read Unit ID information
  • Optional Alias feature shows alpha tags instead of unit ID
  • Decodes PTT ID, Source ID, Target ID, NAC and more...
  • Budget-friendly P25 transition
  • 12V versions available for command vehicles
  • Multi-channel rack option
  • Presents serial data in the formats known by many consoles:
    CML, MODAT, BED-31/1207 and Extended BED-31/1207 Cimarron Formats: Standard, Translated Output, Multi- Channel ANI and Standard Classic

Easy to setup and operate.
Inexpensive solution during transition to P25

Continue to use your MDC-1200 capable
console with your new P25 radios

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Cimarron Technologies Survey

Cimarron Technologies designs and manufactures Automatic Numerical Identification (ANI) encoders and decoders for use with any two-way radio system.

ANI products work in all radio brands and support all major formats including GE-STAR, MDC-1200, FleetSync and DTMF. Using ANI, users have complete system interoperability across multiple formats and platforms.

Using two-way radios equipped with ANI technology, you can:

  • Identify the caller
  • Send a unique emergency or “man down” signal to enhance a user’s safety
  • Disable a radio
  • Place calls to selected radios
  • Alert a user that a call is waiting
  • Verify that a radio is functioning and within range

Also available excusively from Cimarron

Listen to FleetSync
Listen to DTMF
Listen to MDC-1200

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Software-Defined Encryption

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