Dispatch Equipment

APCO P25, MDC-1200, Fleetsync, GE Star and DTMF

At the base station, Cimarron provides a wide selection of table top dispatch ANI display units. The C PLUS units post the unit ID (with optional Alias), the type of message received, plus provide multiple message buffering and a serial printer output. Our models are APCO P25, GE-STAR®, MDC-1200®, FleetSync™, or DTMF compatible. The C PLUS and C25 Series decoders are designed with state-of-the-art DSP technology. This powerful technology allows reliable decoding under the harshest conditions. Weak signal levels, noise, distortion, group delay, corrupt data bits, and fading are handled in stride by the C PLUS and C25 Series decoders.

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