C Plus I

ANI Decoder Interface

The C Plus I is an ANI decoder capable of decoding any of the following formats:GE Star®, MDC-1200®, FleetSync & DTMF.  It is built to help fleet dispatchers/controllers to communicate with and manage their fleets.  The C Plus I will decode any one format you program.  Some available Options are: Dual or Triple Format Decode, MDC-1200, GE Star or FleetSync Encode and Alias.

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C Plus I Quick Look

Two Open-Collector Outputs

Control External Devices

Two programmable outputs can control lights, sirens, doors, etc.

C Plus I Features:

  • Decodes any of four formats: MDC-1200, Fleetsync, GE Star or DTMF (deocodes only one format as standard. )
  • Decode one, two or three formats as the system grows or if you need to communicate with an adjacent agency.  Dual and Triple Format Decode are extra cost Options.
  • Feeds your console serial data of decoded ANI ID
  • Can be used to restrict access to your repeater (look up table)
  • Serial Printer output to log every call (with time and date stamp)
  • Audio connections can be balanced or single ended, 600 ohm or high impedance circuitry
  • AGC conditioning reduces the need for any adjustments on the receive side

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