C Plus III

Multiple Window Display/Decoder

The C Plus III has an extended display to show multiple ID's received or optionally, an extended Alias.  Decodes and displays one or more: MDC-1200, Fleetsync, GE Star or DTMF formats.  

*Shown with Alias Option

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C Plus III features include:

  • Options for Dual or Triple format decode, allowing one C Plus to decode two or three selected signaling formats on the same channel
  • Automatic emergency acknowledgments with all formats
  • Capable of responding to MDC-1200® Repeater Access, Setup and Knockdown signaling
  • Large, highly visible main display
  • Multiple window displays are available, capable of simultaneously displaying up to six of the last received ID’s
  • Alias programmable, relating ID’s to alphanumeric aliases of up to eight characters long. (Requires the Alias Optional Feature)
  • Decodes and displays both the FleetSync fleet number and unit ID
  • Allows the review display of the last twenty received messages
  • Data Mute relay output provides N.O. and N.C. relay contacts to be used to mute associated receiver during data reception
  • Two programmable open-collector outputs can be related to the reception of types of messages. Outputs can be used to trigger external alarms, auto dialers, counters, etc.
  • Internal sounder can be programmed to create different audible alerts depending on message type received
  • “Ambush” permits user to tell the C Plus to send a message to a unit as soon as the unit is heard from again. This allows the preparation of radio-kill or selective call messages even when the target radio is turned off or out of communication range
  • “Authorize” permits the C Plus to be used to allow only authorized users access to repeater systems. (Requires the Alias Optional Feature)
  • “Enunciate” feature allows unique tones to be sounded when specific ID’s are received. (Requires the Alias Optional Feature)
  • User programmable for a selection of many output formats
  • Programmable display type permits “Taxi Bid”, “Scrolling”, and “Message and Assignment” presentations
  • Incorporates a real time clock so all received data is time stamped
  • Fully functional in trunking and conventional environments
  • External display clear connection can be attached to a footswitch to clear the display by a dispatcher without reaching for the decoder
  • For two-way signaling, a hand-held terminal (CDT) can be used. (Requires the Encode Optional Feature)
  • Audio connections can be balanced or single ended, 600 ohm or high impedance circuitry
  • AGC conditioning reduces the need for any adjustments on the receive side
  • Rack mountable 

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Message Mode

Message Mode

Emergency Display

Emergency Display

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View of back