CIM-1200K Kenwood

Kenwood Plug-In ANI / Emergency ID Encoder MDC-1200 and GE Star

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The CIM-1200K is a plug-in board for many Kenwood radios with 20 or 26-pin accessory connectors.  The unit provides Automatic Numeric Identification (ANI) of the associated radio transmitter each time the microphone push-to-talk (PTT) switch is activated and is capable of transmitting other data messages as well.

Programming cable

The CIM-1200 ANI Encoder uses the QS Cable for programming. Connects to your USB port.

Can be programmed for PTT iD, Stuck-Microphone, Emergency, and Man-Down messages

The Model CIM-1200K can also be used as a monitoring or alarm transmission module by programming status and “canned” messages and interpreting them as sensor inputs at the decoding site. Wiring connections to the host radio is the same for all available formats. This is a Universal Wire-In board so it can easily be adapted to most any radio or monitoring device.

A few of the many features:

  • Emergency and Man-Down situations instantly identified
  • Microphone monitoring mode during emergency/man down cycles
  • Trunking compatible
  • Stuck microphone identification
  • ANI identification at beginning, End or Both
  • Audible Man-Down and Emergency alert
  • Multiple ID/personality capability (ID per channel as well as ID format per channel)
  • Able to be used as a status encoder for both MDC-1200® and GE Star®
  • Very low current consumption
  • Software controlled output adjustment – no more potentiometer to fail.
  • Sine wave output provides cleaner system functioning and compliance