CIM-2200 Wired

Universal Wire-In ANI Encoder / Decoder featuring MDC-1200 and GE Star formats

The CIM-2200 is a Universal Wire-in board providing ANI / Emergency ID Encoder / Decoder in GE Star® or MDC-1200® formats.

Programming Cable

The CIM-2200 ANI Encoder/Decoder uses the QS Cable for programming. Connects to your USB port.

MDC-1200 or GE Star Encode / Decoder per channel

The unit provides Automatic Numeric Identification (ANI) of a specific radio transmitter each time the microphone press-to-talk (PTT) switch is activated and is capable of transmitting other data messages as well. The CIM-2200 also decodes and responds to messages intended for its unit ID or Group ID.

Some important features:

  • Mark every transmission with the assigned ANI ID in Signaling formats of MDC-1200® or GE Star®
  • Reduce nuisance and obscene transmissions
  • Trunking compatible
  • Alerts with receipt of selective calls, group calls and all calls
  • Responds to over the air radio disable and enable commands
  • Responds to over the air microphone monitor commands
  • Programmable ANI PTT repeat timer limits data bursts during continued conversations
  • “Go-ahead” beep sounds when ready for voice transmission
  • Programmable open microphone monitor during emergency
  • Stuck microphone identification
  • Receiver data mute
  • MDC-1200® message adaptability enhances compatibility with existing unique systems
  • Stores up to sixteen ANI ID‟s and formats which can be manually selected or in some radios, assigned and automatically selected with radio channel change.