VME-100 Vertex

Plug-in ANI Encoder for Vertex Standard

The VME-100 is a fully compatible, plug-in ANI board for the Vertex Standard brand radios providing Encode ANI for MDC-1200 and GE Star formats.

Add MDC-1200 to your radio

System integration

Add MDC-1200 or GE Star to your radio to better integrate with existing system!

Encode MDC-1200 or GE Star Per channel

Full integration is realized by direct CPU to CPU communication between the VME-100 board and the Vertex Standard radio. Programming of the VME-100 is done with the board installed in the radio using the radio's normal programming cable.

The VME-100 offers MDC-1200 or GE Star encode on a per channel basis. This includes PTT ID as well as Emergency ID. Features include:

  • Identify every transmission source with the assigned ANI ID in Signaling formats of MDC-1200 or GE Star
  • Programmable ANI debounce time limits data bursts during continued conversations
  • “Go-ahead” beep sounds when ready for voice transmission
  • Courtesy beep transmitted when radio is unkeyed
  • Emergency message sent with emergency button press
  • Programmable open microphone monitor during emergency
  • Stuck microphone identification
  • ANI sent at beginning, end or both