QuikSync Universal Wire-in Inversion Encryption

If you need to integrate into an existing system that is using Inversion Scrambling, the programmable QS-4000 can solve your problem.

Programmable Inversion Frequencies. No Problem!

The QS-4000 encryption module can be programmed to match the inversion frequency of any other manufacturer's encryption board.  If you need to match a Kenwood, Vertex Standard, Icom, Transcrypt or any other simple inversion encryption, you can easily program your QS-4000 to match.

This is the perfect encryption board to help you integrate different radio makes and models.  Being a universal wire-in board, it can be installed into just about any manufacturers radio. PLUS, audio levels for TX and RX are adjustable within the software both with encryption and without encryption engaged. No more searching the right resistor/capacitor interface.