QuikSync High-Level Software Defined Encryption

This QS-5000 Universal Wire-In board brings high-level software defined security within reach.

Software Defined Encryption

The QS-5000 is our top of the line encryption.  Software Defined means, the security level is adjustable in several ways.  From Fixed inversion to Fast Frequency Hopping and everything in between. With a 64-bit crypto key (that's over 18 quintillion keys !), security is excellent.  

What does Fast Frequency Hopping sound like on a scanner?

25 hops/sec -- 50 hops/sec -- 100 hops/sec


Some of the many features of the QS-5000:

  • MDC-1200 and GE Star ANI Encode and Decode are included
  • Trunking Compatible
  • Programmable ANI PTT repeat timer limits data bursts during continued conversations
  • Receiver data mute
  • MDC-1200® message adaptability enhances compatibility with existing unique systems
  • Programmable complexity voice inversion scrambling
  • Capable of automatic receive detection and selection of Cipher/Clear mode
  • Up to 100 Hops per second with up to 2000 Hz difference in inversion frequency per hop
  • Programmable for a dynamic inversion frequency range of 2.1 kHz through 4.1 kHz 
  • Programmable for a dynamic hop dwell time range between zero mS through 1000 mS
  • Stores up to sixteen encryption keys or inversion frequencies which can be manually selected or in some radios, assigned and automatically selected with radio channel change
  • Software controlled audio output and input level adjustment – no resistors to change
  • Advanced microprocessor control permits precise pairing with communications system. This enhances encryption compatibility with repeaters, voters, varying system links and system degradations 

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