Vertex Standard Frequency Hopping Encryption

The FVP-44 is a direct plug-in for the VX-450 / VX-4500 / VX-4600 Series radios by Vertex Standard.

Much more secure than standard fixed inversion type encryption!

Product Videos

FVP-44 Quick Look

Easily Install and Programming

The FVP-44 plugs directly into the Vertex Standard radio. The radio's firmware and software recognize the Cimarron board. Commands are exchanged at the CPU level which allows for these features:

  • The FVP-44 is programmed while installed in the Vertex Standard radio.
  • You use the radio's own programming cable to program the board.
  • The encryption strength (Level 1, 2 or 3) are programmable per channel.
  • Available directly through Vertex Standard.