Vertex Standard Plug-In Enhanced Inversion Scrambling

The VQS-420 is a Vertex Standard Plug-In board offering enhanced Inversion type encryption with built-in MDC-1200 and GE Star signaling.

Product Videos

VQS-420 Quick Look

Add enhanced encryption (and security!) while also adding MDC-1200 encode and decode ANI.

The VQS-420 adds HOP PTT encryption.  This takes the normal Inversion type encryption and changes the inversion frequency with every transmission.  This adds another level of security for you and your business.  The addition of MDC-1200 and GE Star adds accountability and Emergency call identification.

Complete compatibility with Vertex Standard Micro-to-Micro communication allows for:

  • Encryption level per channel
  • ANI (Enc/Dec) per channel
  • Caller ID; the unit ID (or Alias) shows up on the receiving radio display
  • Program (or re-program) while inside the radio