Vertex Standard Plug-In High Level Encryption w/ANI

The VQS-500 is the big brother of our encryption boards.  Delivering high security Fast Frequency Hopping encryption.

Any transmitted information is valuable...  to someone

Keep your communications safe with the VQS-500.  The VQS-500, direct Vertex Standard Plug-in provides the highest level encryption your analog system could require.  This affordable high-level encryption board provides keyed algorithms (over 18 Quintillion keys !) to protect your communications and your business.

What does Fast Frequency Hopping sound like on a scanner? >  

25 hops/sec -- 50 hops/sec -- 100 hops/sec

This is software defined encryption.  Software defined encryption means you can program the board for any level of encryption your system can use.  A fully robust system can support an extremely high level of encryption complexity.  Less robust systems can scale down the complexity to still provide high levels of encryption security while at the same time, provide excellent recovered voice audio.

A few of the many high-end features included in the VQS-500:

  • OTAR - Over-the-air-re-keying: All encryption parameters are re-programmable over-the-air using the KL-500
  • Voice Inversion scrambling with programmable complexity.
  • Level of security can be adjusted to match the communications system.
  • Software Definable Encryption Upgrades without reinvesting in new/different encryption modules.
  • Over-the-Air Programmable.
  • Automatic receive detection and selection of Cipher/Clear mode.
  • Up to 100 Hops per second with up to 2000 Hz difference in inversion frequency per hop. Mean difference of 1000 Hz per hop.
  • Programmable for a dynamic inversion frequency range of 2.1 kHz through 4.1 kHz.
  • Programmable dynamic hop dwell time.
  • Unique system protection available to ensure incompatibility with any other radio system even if key is compromised.
  • Per-Channel storage of Encryption keys, Inversion frequencies, and ANI parameters.
  • Stealth communications feature allows private conversations within the communications system.
  • Can designate target audience from within those with correct key. Select one individual, a group or all.